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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Q. If I book my package now, do I have to pay for it in full?
A. No. A deposit of $100 per person will be due approx. 14 days after you receive your confirmation of tee times and rooms.

Q. Do I have to pay for all the members of my group?
A. No. For all groups of 4 and more, within a few days after you receive your confirmation, you will be emailed a special “link” which you can forward to all members of the group. They will then be able to log on at any time and make their individual payments. You will receive an email notification every time one of your group members makes their deposit.

Q. When is the final payment due?
A. 15 days prior to the date of arrival. Credit cards will automatically be charged the balance on the balance due date, unless the guest contacts us to make other arrangements or cancels before the deadline.

Q. What if I choose a course and/or a time and it is not available?
A. We always try and get you the closest time that you requested. If availability is more then 45 minutes from your requested time, we will contact you and let you know what is available. If a requested course is not available, we will give you alternative courses with the price adjustment if applicable before we book your package.

Q. What are the cancellation policies?
A. All payments are refundable in full if cancelled at least 15 days prior to arrival.

Q. Once I book my trip, what happens if I need to make changes.

A. Changes can be made up to 7 days prior to arrival.
Q. What if I am not sure how many people will be coming?

A. We always advise groups to book for the most number of golfers they think may be coming. We can always cancel tee times and rooms, but we can’t always add them.

Q. What if it rains?
A. If the course officially closes due to inclement weather, GOLF AC will refund the amount for that days golf. If the course is not closed, then it is up to the Golf Course whether or not they will issue a rain check.

Q. What if we miss our tee time?
A. Missed tee times will be handled by the golf course. GOLF AC is not responsible for missed tee times due to late check in. The Golf Course will do their best to fit you in, but they can not guarantee it. GOLF AC or the golf course will not refund your golf fees because of late arrivals.

Q. Do we receive golf vouchers to take to the courses?
A. No, we fax the vouchers to the golf courses each morning. Just show up at least 30 minutes prior to your tee time and give you name at the Pro Shop.

Q. What do I need to check into the hotel?
A. We require you to fax or email us a sleeping room assignment list at least 15 days prior to your arrival date. Once we have your list, we will email or fax you back the individual room confirmation #’s. Please make sure all members of your group gets their individual confirmation # to take to the hotel.

Q. What if I have more questions or concerns?
A. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-465-3682 or drop us an email. We will be happy to answer any and all questions.